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The FortZed Scholarship

The city of Fort Collins FortZed provides a testing space for innovative prototype technologies and ideas aimed toward more efficient and sustainable energy for the future. With innovation the heart of our operation, FortZed works towards pioneering a better future by transitioning to cleaner transportation fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing energy usage, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the production and development of alternative, renewable energy. We encourage co-op developments, and work to connect private, public, and academic departments so that groups can combine their efforts to experiment with new renewable energy technology. We believe a stable, renewable energy source will result in the improvement of economic health, the attraction of leading companies and skilled workers to surrounding areas, more available job opportunities, and a cleaner, more secure energy future. It is our hope that the success of the Fort Collins FortZed program will lead to duplication of the model around the world.

We are thrilled and eager to offer a scholarship fund to an individual that can demonstrate informed creative thinking and problem solving applied to the development of a renewable energy technology.

Scholarship Amount: $2500


Candidates must be presently enrolled or soon-to-be-enrolled at a permissible college or university, including online attendees. Students from any other country are permitted entry as well as log as all other information is provided and requirements are met.


Candidates must produce an original 1,000-1,500 word piece per the following:

Plug-and-play solar systems are portable electrical systems that can allow individuals in rented homes or other living situations that may involve relocation the ability to reduce their reliance on traditional energy, without a large up-front investment in a permanent solar system that can’t be relocated. Unfortunately, these plug-and-play systems are prohibited under many circumstances in the US due to outdated state, federal, and regional regulations. What alternative (and legal) ways can solar technology be developed so that it can be used by this demographic?

Please also include the following information for your application to be considered:

  • Full legal name
  • Valid email address
  • Valid phone number
  • School information including college/university name and school mailing address
  • Proof of enrollment

Please group all of the required information as well as your written piece in a .pdf or .doc file for submission.


Please submit the above requirements in their entirety by 1st December 2019. A winner will be chosen and notified by 15th December 2019.

Additional Scholarship Information

The scholarship duration is 9 months

Scholarship funds will be mailed to your school, and are to be applied to school expenses, such as books and tuition, for the current school year.

FortZed Scholarship Privacy Policy

FortZed will never sell, share, rent, or otherwise distribute any candidate’s information outside of what is detailed within the privacy policy.

By submitting application information, candidates give permission to FortZed to publish the candidate’s name, school name and information, photo, and the written piece produced.

Your email address, correspondence, and other personal information will never be used or distributed for marketing purposes.

All private and/or sensitive information regarding a candidate will be eliminated from FortZed records.

Fortzed will remove any information pertaining to a candidate at that candidate’s request.

Other Terms and Conditions

Only one application entry per person each calendar year.

All written work must be original and produced by the candidate; plagiarized entries will be disqualified.

Any duplicated entries will be removed.

By submitting a complete application to FortZed, candidate agrees that all information provided is accurate, complete, and truthful to the best of their ability.

Candidates that complete the application process give FortZed permission to use their name, photo, written piece, scholarship amount awarded, and other similar information in social media posts, related news, and other content published by FortZed.

The winner will be contacted via email; they will also be announced on social media and on the FortZed website.

More About FortZed

FortZed aims to empower all members of the community to take action in order to better society by improving the sustainability of energy to maintain a high quality of life.

FortZed strives to develop an energy portfolio that includes projects that address prototyping and real world testing in many fields including electricity, alternative transportation fuels and systems, heating and cooling, business models, behavior systems, and financial systems.

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